Our memberships are designed for those looking for long-term benefits from massage therapy, skin regimens, and floating. Joining our family is easy and affordable, therefore, making therapeutic services and easy-peasy part of your routine.

Let's face it, a healthy, pain free body requires regular maintenance and attention. We all wish we could go to the gym once a month and stay fit and fabulous, but “womp womp womp”... We can't, unfortunately. The same goes for our soft tissues; they require consistent attention for maintained results. Fortunately, our memberships are full of discounts and perks for our committed customers! Woot woot!!

Enjoy the following benefits of becoming a member:
Regular monthly massage(s), facial(s), and/or float(s).
Additional services can be added at the discounted rate.
Discounts for additional family members.
Discounts on products.


Level 1 - $50/ month

Choose 1 60-minute Float OR Massage per month


LEVEL 2 - $98/ MONTH

Choose 2 Services... any combination of 60-minute Massage and/or Float

Level 3 - $145/month     

Choose 3 Services (Any Combo of 60-minute massage and/or float)                


LEVEL 4 - $188/ month

Choose 4 Services (Any Combo of 60-minute massage and/or float)

A Customized Spa Facial may now be substituted for a massage.

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