We are proud to offer exceptional massage services with a great variety of massage techniques. Research has proven that massage therapy has many benefits including pain relief, stress relief, reduction of stiffness and tension, as well as many more!! So, whether you have a specific problem area, or you just need a day of relaxation, our wonderful therapists will have you feeling refreshed in no time. They can customize a massage just for you based on your specific needs, or you can choose from one of the wonderful options below.



Non-member: $70/1hr  Member: $50/month

This is the most popular and most common type of massage. Swedish massage uses long, smooth strokes along the muscles with light to medium pressure. The goal for this massage is to provide relaxation, but can be adjusted to fit your needs.


Deep Tissue Massage

Non-member: $75/1hr  Member: $50/month

As the name suggests, this massage is a deeper, more therapeutic massage, with the use of firm pressure; targeting pain, muscles soreness, and tightness, and therefore is recommended for those needing relief from nagging pain.


Sports Massage

Non-member: $75/1hr  Member: $50/month

This massage is an intense, no time for relaxation, no nonsense kind of massage. The goal is to improve soft tissue conditions in a troublesome area by stretching and releasing tight muscles, and stimulating weaker muscles. The sports massage can assist in recovery, enhance performance, and can also help prevent injury.


Pre-Natal Massage

Non-member: $70/1hr  Member: $50/month

This massage is a deeply relaxing massage for the mom-to-be.  Upon positioning with pillows and cushions (or whatever we may need to use to provide comfort), target areas are addressed to melt away tension and stress. Benefits include the reduction of strain on the back, neck, feet and cankles (let's face it… They are Cankles!) , while aiding in the reduction of swelling. Let our therapists nurture you, and leave you feeling refreshed!